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In the late 1800s this area was known as Pleasant Creek.

In May 1868 a new building for Stawell Literary & Scientific Institute was being erected beside the Shire Hall in Longfield Street, Stawell and was opened by September.


Its rare Victoria Regency design is significant for the time, and as early as 1860 the land was reserved for government buildings.


The Institute initially consisted of 40 members and by 1876 approximately 700 books.  A library and reading room on the ground floor, large upstairs room for lectures, classes & meetings.


The Literary and Scientific Institute only lasted about 8 years and was sold in October 1876 and used as a private residence.

With the building coming close to demolition in early-1980’s due to its poor condition, local residences fought hard to save the building.


Eventually a decision was made to add the building to the Register of Historic Buildings Act 1981 and gazetted on 14th July 1982.


After being sold many times and used as private residence, the tastefully refurbished building has re-opened to the public in 2017 to offer regional food and wines to locals and tourists alike.


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